10% for Conservation

As a photographer, I am passionate about capturing the beauty of our world and sharing it with others through my prints. However, I also recognize the importance of conserving Earth's precious natural environments for future generations. That's why, for each print being sold, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to nature conservation initiatives.

This means, that by purchasing my work, YOU are making a difference!

For each print in the Urban Nostalgia, Wandering Song and Sacred Light collections, your donation will go to ARCTUROS, an organization focused on protecting and conserving wildlife and their habitats in Greece.

Thank you for the support!

By purchasing a print from one of these collections, not only will you be bringing a beautiful artwork into your home or office, but you'll also be contributing to the preservation of these environments and the species that call them home.


ARCTUROS is a Greek non-profit, non-governmental, environmental organization (NGO) founded in 1992, with a mission to protect wildlife fauna and their natural habitat, in Greece and abroad. The foundation of ARCTUROS was driven by the constant need to solve the problem of bear and wolf imprisonment; a common occurrence at the time. The organization started its work in the region of Western Macedonia, which is home to one of the largest populations of brown bears in Greece. Since then, ARCTUROS has expanded its conservation efforts to other regions in Greece and has become a leading voice in the conservation of wildlife and nature in the country.

ARCTUROS adopts a proactive approach towards conservation by engaging in a range of actions that include habitat restoration, scientific research, surveillance of wildlife populations, environmental education, and promotion of sustainable land use practices. ARCTUROS is also actively involved in rescue and rehabilitation efforts for injured or orphaned wildlife, particularly for the brown bear, which is the flagship species of the organization. Additionally, ARCTUROS' primary driver of success is the love of people, recognizing that conservation efforts must involve and benefit local communities in order to be successful. Therefore, ARCTUROS works closely with locals and stakeholders to promote conservation awareness and education. The organization also recognizes the important role of the Greek shepherd dog in protecting livestock and preserving traditional grazing practices, and has taken action to conserve their population.

By purchasing any print from my collections, you are contributing to empowering this incredible organization to keep doing their important work and making a vital impact on the conservation of Greece's natural environment and wildlife.