Urban Nostalgia Collection

Wandering Song Collection

A Personal Note

For as long as I remember myself, I have loved the process of creation. As a child I often lost track of time, while drawing only with a piece of paper and a pencil. Inspired by fantasy books and mythical creatures I always tried to imagine how it would be to travel to these imaginary worlds. However, on my first actual travels with my family, it was an old analog camera that replaced the pencil, making me realise the subtle art of capturing a moment in film. Two decades later, when I got my first real camera, I realised that photography allows me to combine my two passions: creativity and travelling. 

Through my images, I am attempting to capture the fleeting beauty of light, while staying true to the mood of a scene, whether this is a sunrise walk in Paris, a foggy forest in the Netherlands, or an idyllic sunset in Greece. With these collections. I hope to inspire you to keep looking for the beauty around you and provide you with a means to relive a memory of your favourite place.

Certificate of Authenticity

All prints are limited editions and come with a certificate of authenticity, including the name of the artwork, the edition number, production date, certificate number, and signature.

  • Urban Nostalgia

  • Sacred Light

  • Wandering Song